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Manna Products

There are presently four Manna catalyst products available to the public. These are:

  • Manna Catalyst for Gasoline

  • Manna Catalyst for Diesel

  • Manna Bunker Fuel Maximizer

  • Manna Catalyst for Motor Oil

Manna Benefits

After eight years of development and testing and using the product, the following results have been obtained with Certificates of Emission Test and numerous testimonials:

A. For Gasoline, Diesel and Bunker Fuel:

  • Reduction of toxic emission (carbon monoxide) from 70% to 88% of the standard requirement for vehicle registration.

  • Reduction of carbon particulates emission from 50% to more than 70%  of the standard requirement for vehicle registration.

  • Improved engine performance - more power, more efficient combustion, cleaner engine, smooth running and longer life.

  • Fuel savings from a minimum of 12% to more than 20%.

B. For Engine/Motor Oil

  • More efficient engine lubrication.

  • Doubles the life of normal motor oil used.

  • Cleaner, lesser noise and smoother-running engine.

Additionally, Manna had also shown similar favorable results when used with bio-fuels and bio-fuel blends.

Blend Ratios

Now for something even more amazing...

Just 1 ml. of Manna is potent enough to optimize a liter (1000 ml.) of fuel, that's a 1:1000 ratio.

The following are the recommended blend ratio of Manna-to-fuel and motor oil in order to be effective. The amount of Manna will optimize the corresponding amount of fuel, therefore, you need not add any more than the required ratio otherwise the extra Manna will just be wasted although no negative effects are expected if there is an excess of Manna in the blend.

  • 1 liter Premium Gasoline : 1 ml. Manna Catalyst for Gasoline

  • 1 liter Regular Gasoline : 1 ml. Manna Catalyst for Gasoline

  • 1 liter Diesel : 1 ml. Manna Catalyst for Diesel

  • 1 liter Bunker Fuel Oil : 1 ml. Manna Bunker Fuel Maximizer

  • 1 liter Engine/Motor Oil : 2 ml. Manna Catalyst for Motor Oil

Suggested Retail Prices (SRP)

The following are the Suggested Retail Prices of Manna Catalysts in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Prices are subject to change over time and may vary from those shown here.

Manna Fuel Catalyst for Gasoline, Diesel and Bunker Fuel

  • 1000 ml.    -    PHP   3,750.00

  •   500 ml.    -    PHP   1,875.00

  •   120 ml.    -    PHP      450.00

  •     60 ml.    -    PHP      225.00

  •     30 ml.    -    PHP      112.50

Manna Catalyst for Motor Oil

  • 1000 ml.    -    PHP 10,000.00

  •   500 ml.    -    PHP   5,000.00

  •   120 ml.    -    PHP   1,200.00

  •     60 ml.    -    PHP      600.00

  •     30 ml.    -    PHP      300.00


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